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Reachout and Beyond

Reachout and Beyond is a blog born out of Reachout's desire to initiate discourse around matters that call for more engagement. Contemporary and topical or forgotten and pushed away by mainstream narrative, Reachout and Beyond aims to facilitate greater accessibility to critically examined pieces. Our curation involves not only analytical pieces, but is inclusive of resources that aim to amplify voices and works that empower women and other gender minorities.

Project RISE

Through Project RISE, government schools are taught English language along with personality enhancement training is delivered to disadvantaged children. The imparting is done with the help of well researched and tested methods, that employ zero dependency on exams and class tests. The impressionable young minds are thus moulded to become honest and enlightened individuals. Project Rise has reached over 7 schools in the country.

Women’s Health and Livelihood Project

Under the Women’s Health and livelihood Project, Reachout conducts menstrual education workshops and awareness sessions in urban slums and rural villages focusing on communities like the devadasis. As a part of this programme, during the COVID 19 lockdown in 2020, we reached 20,000 women in India distributing menstrual hygiene kits. In 2021, we intend on developing our on-ground partnerships with over 6000 gram panchayats in Karnataka to empower women.



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